Bio: Hi! I am Anna. I am an author. I began writing erotic stories in 2013 but now am writing a mainstream book. I am married, have been for many years. Here you will find all kinds of things. Poems, stories, photographs and just general musings. There is nothing unsuitable here so feel free to browse and get to know me. Who knows, one day I may be famous... doubt it though. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. danielboshoff

    Ha! I also found you through the Drabble! I enjoyed ‘Katarina’. Great commentary on perspective. It’s funny how we always feel immune to misfortune and tragedy (“Did you hear what happened to the Mayweathers?” “Mmm, but they shouldn’t have been out so late. It’d never happen to you or I, surely not!”)

    Keep it up!



    1. annamagique Post author

      Hi Daniel.
      Thank you. It is the final words of the first chapter of a novel I am writing. I am at chapter 13 so far.
      Now I will google ‘Mayweathers’!
      Thank you, and take care.



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