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Magical Beauty

Deep in the forest, Centuries ago, this house was built out of stone.

Some say for a highwayman but I’m not so sure, perhaps by a Troll for his home.


(The Ugly House)

High in the hills, a deep dark mine where the tapping and chipping of slate,

could be heard from a afar as the dwarves worked their craft, working from morning until very late.


(Blaneau Ffestiniog)

Trolls and Dwarves, a place of beauty don’t make, though they toil and use all their might.

While the Dwarves mine their caves and the Trolls work their stones,  something makes a much fairer sight.



With the crashing of stones and the chipping of slate now quiet, you could hear if you’re silent yourself,

The singing and skipping of sweet water nymphs and sprites and yes, of course, Elves!



But then, man did appear and from his castle so strong, chased away everything so fair.

But if you listen and wait, I think that you’ll find that the faerie folk are really still there!


(Harlech Carstle)


(dduallt. Ffestiniog Railway)

Snowdonia National Park, North Wales. April 2016

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