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Travelling to Europe


Flying is easy…  isn’t it? Dragging your luggage behind you.

Finding the desk and  checking it in, hoping the weight is right, too.

Passing through security, Passport ready, hand luggage checked,

Take off your belt, remove your shoes, trying so hard not to get vexed.


But then all is done, pack your bag, get dressed, you are through

And for the next ninety minutes, sit back, relax, enjoy the view.

But wait, open your mind, is this really the best way to go?

Oh would you prefer to relax, enjoy the trip in a way which passes so slow.


Take the car, take all you need, no fears of being overweight.

Sit in the bar, have a meal or sleep as you wish, travel at a pace more sedate.

If the sun shines, go out on the deck. Take in the air, you can’t do that on a plane

And when you arrive, your car is still there, ready to go once again.


However you go, I’m sure you will find that there is so much to do and see

Such wonderful sights, too many I know,  millennia of history.

With languages diverse, and cultures galore, the seasons make no difference at all

Summer sun or winter snow, stroll in a park or around a castle’s walls.


As the sun sets, dipping slowly down with it’s rays reflected on the lake,

It gives a moment to reflect on the decisions we have yet to make.

Whichever route you choose, whether by land, by sea or by air,

You will never be disappointed by the things that you find there.


P1: Flughafen Munchen, Bavaria.

P2: The Alps

P3: Stena Btitannica.

P3: Ghent Castle, Belgium.

P4: Herrsching, Lake Ammersee, Bavaria.

P5: Neues Rathaus, Munich, Bavaria

ALL Photographs and words are copyright 2016, the author. Reproduction/transmission in any form is strictly prohibited.



Magical Beauty

Deep in the forest, Centuries ago, this house was built out of stone.

Some say for a highwayman but I’m not so sure, perhaps by a Troll for his home.


(The Ugly House)

High in the hills, a deep dark mine where the tapping and chipping of slate,

could be heard from a afar as the dwarves worked their craft, working from morning until very late.


(Blaneau Ffestiniog)

Trolls and Dwarves, a place of beauty don’t make, though they toil and use all their might.

While the Dwarves mine their caves and the Trolls work their stones,  something makes a much fairer sight.



With the crashing of stones and the chipping of slate now quiet, you could hear if you’re silent yourself,

The singing and skipping of sweet water nymphs and sprites and yes, of course, Elves!



But then, man did appear and from his castle so strong, chased away everything so fair.

But if you listen and wait, I think that you’ll find that the faerie folk are really still there!


(Harlech Carstle)


(dduallt. Ffestiniog Railway)

Snowdonia National Park, North Wales. April 2016

All words and photographs are copyright 2016, the Author. No unauthorised reproduction is permitted in any form whatsoever.



The sky, black as ink, silver dots,

Impenetrable darkness it seems.

But fading now to a deep velvet blue,

and the stars fade away like my dreams.

A thin pale line, growing brighter,

The horizon with thin orange hue,

The blue of the sky ever lighter,

and the world starts to come into view.

A brand new day is awakening,

The shadows are long on the ground,

The still leafless trees thick with rime

and the frost covered fields all around.

A bright yellow orb slowly rising,

The Sun shows her face o’er the hills

Spreading her warmth on the landscape

And chasing away night-time chills.

The frost all around is receding,

The white fields turn back to green,

The coldest heart fills with warmth,

A more beautiful sight I’ve not seen.

Words and photograph copyright 2016, the Author. Reproduction in any form is strictly forbidden without the authors consent.





Below the main station, the river runs fast,


Through tunnels built so long ago.


Loud in the darkness, it thunders and roars,


Until back into sunlight it flows.


Next to the Aire the canal is so calm,


Which once connected cities so great,


But now it is still, a place to relax,


Or walk with a very slow gait.


The Leeds Liverpool Canal and River Aire, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

February 2016

Words and photographs copyright 2016, the Author. No reproduction in any form is permitted without the consent of the Author.



Famous! And yet…


Today, like many others, I am expected.

Not just by one but by many.

In towns and cities across the land,

They wait for me and pay a pretty penny.


They know what time to expect me,

If I am late they get mad, check the time,

They don’t want to wait and when I arrive,

They are pleased and surge forwards in lines.


North of the border, across the Tyne,

Thousands of people are waiting and so,

Out to the East and down to the South,

I am famous, it’s obvious, no?


But ask any of them, do they know who I am.

Show them a picture or ask them my name.

They will shrug, their faces go blank, because…

I’m just the person who drives their train.


Words and Photograph Copyright 2016 The Author. Unauthorised reproduction in any form is not permitted without the author’s consent.




High in the sky, the stars shine so bright.

Which one did they follow on that wonderful night?

The three wise men who, from the orient came,

To find a child, though they knew not his name.

Whether we believe in the saviour or not

There is no doubt that the world changed a lot.

And through wars and conflicts that are so reviled

There can also be peace because of this child.

In nineteen fourteen, in ‘the war to end wars’

On Christmas day the guns, they did pause,

And from enemy lines, I know for a fact

The enchanting sounds of ‘Stille Nacht’

So beautiful it was that for one precious day

Bitter enemies met in the mud and the clay

To shake hands, play ball, drink and so on

And to share precious memories of their families back home.

Christmas is not just for eating and gifts

It’s a time to remember and heal harmful rifts

Thinking of others and not just ourselves,

But of those who are worse off in their own personal hell.

You don’t have to believe, in God, wrong or right

But you cannot deny that because of that night

A wonderful thing happened that changed us forever

In America, or Europe, East or wherever.

We all come together at this time of year

To celebrate our joy with plenty of cheer.

I hope beyond hope that this year at last

The whole world will shout HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Text and image Copyright 2015, the author. No unauthorised reproduction is permitted in any form whatsoever.

De Efteling

Follow the road through the forest,

Tall oaks with their canopy so green.


Through this sleepy Dutch town,

Streets and houses so neat and clean.


And then you find the entrance,

Its spires of thatch so unique.


The gardens inside are so tranquil,

So come on, let’s take a peek.


But wait, some things, it seems are quite scary,

Perhaps you should stay away,


Not from Raveleijn, of course,

That’s a show you must see today.


No, this is the thing that will scare you!

Or excite you maybe, I don’t know,


From the looks on the face of the riders

Judge yourself if you want a go!


A day of Fairy tales and fun,

Excitement and glee all around,


A place of fun and adventure,

And yes, there are fairies to be found.


There is something here for everyone,

Young and old alike,


So come on and stay, for more than a day,

You know it’ll be well worth the hike!


De Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, Nord Brabant, Nederlands. September 2015

All words and photographs copyright 2015, the author. No unauthorised reproductions, in any form, are permitted