The sky, black as ink, silver dots,

Impenetrable darkness it seems.

But fading now to a deep velvet blue,

and the stars fade away like my dreams.

A thin pale line, growing brighter,

The horizon with thin orange hue,

The blue of the sky ever lighter,

and the world starts to come into view.

A brand new day is awakening,

The shadows are long on the ground,

The still leafless trees thick with rime

and the frost covered fields all around.

A bright yellow orb slowly rising,

The Sun shows her face o’er the hills

Spreading her warmth on the landscape

And chasing away night-time chills.

The frost all around is receding,

The white fields turn back to green,

The coldest heart fills with warmth,

A more beautiful sight I’ve not seen.

Words and photograph copyright 2016, the Author. Reproduction in any form is strictly forbidden without the authors consent.




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