High in the sky, the stars shine so bright.

Which one did they follow on that wonderful night?

The three wise men who, from the orient came,

To find a child, though they knew not his name.

Whether we believe in the saviour or not

There is no doubt that the world changed a lot.

And through wars and conflicts that are so reviled

There can also be peace because of this child.

In nineteen fourteen, in ‘the war to end wars’

On Christmas day the guns, they did pause,

And from enemy lines, I know for a fact

The enchanting sounds of ‘Stille Nacht’

So beautiful it was that for one precious day

Bitter enemies met in the mud and the clay

To shake hands, play ball, drink and so on

And to share precious memories of their families back home.

Christmas is not just for eating and gifts

It’s a time to remember and heal harmful rifts

Thinking of others and not just ourselves,

But of those who are worse off in their own personal hell.

You don’t have to believe, in God, wrong or right

But you cannot deny that because of that night

A wonderful thing happened that changed us forever

In America, or Europe, East or wherever.

We all come together at this time of year

To celebrate our joy with plenty of cheer.

I hope beyond hope that this year at last

The whole world will shout HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Text and image Copyright 2015, the author. No unauthorised reproduction is permitted in any form whatsoever.


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