V.E.ry nice DAY out

A celebration. Seventy years of peace. Victory in Europe was a blessed release. DSC_0001 Here in the village where the Bronte’s once dwelt The war years are back so we know how it felt. DSC_0018 As it was then, so it is today. The girls liked a Yank… and so did they! DSC_0041 They danced in the streets, Glen Miller I think and when soldiers passed by, they gave them a… wink! DSC_0054 The Germans for certain, were not welcome then But now? Of course! It’s only pretend. DSC_0028 Spitfires were used to keep the Jerry at bay. Without them who knows what it would be like today! DSC_0039 Was it busy like this all those decades ago? I’m sure that it was but I’m too young to know. DSC_0056 What a great day, not a frown to be seen and so very colourful… if you like brown and green. DSC_0079 With plenty to drink, and so much to eat Come visit here next year, it will be such a treat! DSC_0075 Maybe I will see you there! (Haworth, England. May 2015) Click on pictures to enlarge. All words and photographs copyright the author. No unauthorised reproduction in any form is permitted.


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