The Princess of the Forest

I dismounted and stood alongside Fleet-foot, holding his reins with my left hand whilst my right gripped the handle of my sword.

“She would be stupid to come this way,” a gruff voice spoke through the swirling shadows.

“Maybe that’s what she wants us to think,” a second, higher pitched voice, replied, “you seem to forget, she was seen a couple of days ago by the watchers.”

“Pah! The watchers. Just because they saw her still doesn’t mean she is heading for the forest of Mallagen!” Gruff argued.

“Really! and where else will she go to get help? We have overrun every nation this side of the mountains. That gruesome forest is the only place left that harbours those who dare to oppose Samerron. She has no choice so shut your yap and keep your eyes and ears open”

“I hope we find her first,” Gruff again, “I’ve heard she’s she’s a bit tasty, It’s a long time since I’ve had a good looking woman!”

I shuddered in horror at the thought when Squeaky went on:

“You won’t lay a finger on her, moron! You know the orders. She knows the way into the city. Samerron will get it out of her. She is to be delivered to him untouched! Got it?”

“Yeah, I get it,” came the dejected reply, “can’t stop me having a feel though.”

“Untouched, I said! Anyway, what do you mean a long time? You’ve never had a good looking woman…” The sounds of guffawing trailed away into the distance as the riders went on with their search.

(Copyright 2014)

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