A Valentine’s Wish


The candle flickers warmly, shadows cast around,

The small square table laid for two, red petals too, abound.

Beyond the wicker barrier, across the soft white strand,

The white flecked breakers trip and fall and hiss along the sand.

High above, the firmament, tiny dots of light

The moon herself is smiling, shimmering so bright.

And all about, the tiny sparks, like ashes in the air,

The fireflies are skipping, darting here and there.

I lift my glass, three-quarters full, the ruby wine inside.

And tilt it to my blood red lips, and sip it with a sigh.

I gaze across and look at you, your beauty so sublime,

I wish that this were happening, my darling Valentine.

Words only copyright the author. No unauthorised reproduction permitted


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