My Princess Valentine

The Blessing

I have never met you and fear I never will,

And yet, it seems, I love you so, a love so deep and real.

To meet would bring disaster, and yet to part would be so hard,

This love I feel inside me tears my heart just like a shard.

I always said I’d be Ok, if ever we should end,

As long as we were talking, then I’d always be your friend.

But then, one day, you said goodbye, explained, I know, of why.

I understood but still, it hurt, so sudden, made me cry.

I tried so hard to let you go but no, my heart was dead

A great big empty, hurting space, a nothing filled my head.

So I messaged you, of how I felt, just once to let you know,

And to my joy you answered me, you couldn’t let me go.

Now here we are so far apart, yet closer all the time

And though the miles keep us apart, You ARE my Valentine!

Words copyright the author. No unauthorised reproduction permitted.


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