A Travellers Tale

Today was my day off so I thought that my husband and I could go shopping. Hmm… where to go?

I thought hard and then an idea hit me! We jumped in the car and headed off into the distance.

Ninety minutes later we arrived at the dock side.


It was quiet but we were sure there would be others. I looked down onto the ship and yes, there below were a few other passengers.


It was a lovely voyage, sea so calm there was hardly a ripple upon the swimming pool.


It seemed no time at all before we reached our first destination of New Orleans


A jazz band played as we searched for a place to eat.


Which really didn’t take long.


Once refuelled, it was back to the ship and away to our next port. The only thing was that we seemed a little lost.


It was a jungle out there! Tropical flowers and palm trees!


But wait! I see shops!


I had arrived at my destination.


And so the day wore on and time passed far too quickly.


We returned to the port to find the ship but found ourselves in an exotic and opulent place…


Grand marble staircases and ornate balconies


We found our way to the ship and were soon on our way to our final destination for dinner.


It was dark by now and the stars were appearing in the sky.


We passed Dolphins frolicking on the waves


And, before we knew, we had arrived. The Orient!


But all too soon, it was time to go home. It was late and the sky was dark


So we reluctantly returned to the dockside where we began and drove home.


And there you have it. We travelled the world for our shopping trip in just a few hours and never even left Manchester!

(Trafford Centre Shopping Mall, Manchester, England. January 2015)

All words and pictures copyright the author. No unauthorised reproduction permitted


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