The Princess of the Forest

61Z8Wv9CPXL._AA160_[1] The city Of Pelengrath lay under seige. It’s inhabitants starving and sick, under constant attack from the army of the evil warlord Samerron. King Wendell lay dying of his wounds and his sons strove to repel the constant incursions. It seemed that the end would not be long coming unless help from outside could be found. With the King incapacitated and his two sons fighting to save the city, it befell his daughter to find a way out and summon help. In the dead of night, Princess Anna slipped out of the city through a hidden tunnel and began a quest that could mean life or death for her and the city. Her only hope lie in many days ride to the forest of Mallagen and to find the last person who could save them and turn back the tide of evil that was threatening to swallow the last free havens of peace…The Princess of the Forest. My first Novella! E-Book available now on Amazon. The Princess of the Forest by Anna Morrison


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